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Braun Ionic Brushes

Braun ionic brushes - the power of active ions for your hairstyle

Do you want to surprise those around you with the natural beauty and shine of your hair every day? To do this, you just need to buy a comb from Brown with ionization, having issued its delivery in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Braun's unique Satin Hair 7 Anti-Static Brush uses unique IONTEC technology to tame even the most unruly curls. Shine, remove frizz and static electricity from your hair - regular use of the Brown Ionization Comb will give your hair a delightful look! Also consider ionic hair brush

Ionized Brown Comb - manageable hair in one stroke

Satin Hair 7 is the world's first highly ionized styling brush. Whereas on similar devices from competing companies, ions are embedded directly into the material, then the Braun comb produces direct ionization, emitting millions of active particles through a special hole in the body. With the Braun anti-static hairbrush, you can even hear your appliance doing its job with a hiss.

When in contact with curls, ions penetrate literally into every hair and provide many beneficial effects:

·         prevent the appearance of static electricity;

·         get rid of curls;

·         give shine to hair;

·         fill them with life-giving moisture from the air, which helps to get rid of fluffiness and heal the hair.

Use the Braun Ionic Hair Brush wherever you are. Take it with you to work or school, on a visit, to a party - thanks to its compact size, it fits comfortably in your purse and allows you to adjust your hair with a light movement.

Benefits of the Braun ionic comb

The Braun Ionization Electric Comb has already won over thousands of women around the world. Every day, the Internet is filled with more and more admiring reviews that confirm its effectiveness and ability to improve hair health. In addition to the ionization function, the Braun comb attracts users with many other indisputable advantages:

·         The Braun Ionization comb has a plate retainer to securely protect the ion hole.

·         The Braun Ionization Brush Buffer is easily removable from the handle for hassle-free cleaning under the tap.

·         The smooth prongs on Braun are free of sharp edges and are specially designed to glide smoothly and gently over curls.

·         The Braun ionizing comb is sold in a case, which greatly improves the convenience of using it outside the home.

·         The Braun ion brush is powered by AAA batteries, but you can always use it for regular brushing.

·         Environmentally friendly and high-quality materials are used in the manufacture of the device with ionization - the Braun ionic comb will perform its functions for many years without changing the original appearance.

If you are constantly faced with such troubles as frizzy hair, tangled curls, a tendency to electrify, do not despair. In our online store, you can inexpensively buy a comb from the Braun company with an ionizer and forget about these problems. Our main advantages are favorable prices, friendly service and prompt delivery of goods in Kiev and throughout Ukraine. Just leave a request on the site - and very soon you will have a wonderful comb with ionization at your disposal, thanks to which your hair will always be smooth, shiny and filled with energy!